The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor Review

Product Description:

The Venus Factor has taken the online fitness industry by storm. It has sold thousands upon thousands of copies and has risen to become one of the bestselling online fitness programs.
What makes the Venus Factor so unique is that it is dedicated solely to women.

The training and dietary advice cater specifically to women and address their needs very effectively. This separates it from the pack because most fitness programs just lump both genders together and give training and nutrition advice that are more suitable for men.

Fat loss principles are similar for both sexes. However, both genders differ greatly as far as metabolism and body types are concerned.

John Barban, is a recognized fitness expert and he created this program to address the key issues that most women face such as stubborn fat in certain areas, etc

His program does not make women into gym rats. John understands that women want to look sexy, healthy and beautiful without struggling for hours lifting weights or doing mind-numbing cardio.

Less effort with better results is the mantra the Venus Factor adopts.
The Venus Factor contains a plethora of tips, advice and tricks to show you how to melt your fat in record time just by optimizing your workouts and streamlining your diet.

The Good Points:

1) The program focuses on the legs, buttocks and thighs. These are the main problem areas for most women. The exercises recommended will tone up these problem areas and other parts of your body to create a shapely and fit silhouette that turns heads.

Dispel all fears of becoming muscle bound like men. The Venus Factor will tone your body and make it womanly and fit at the same time. The efficacy of this program lies in its ability to accentuate sexuality, boost health and reduce unwanted body fat.

2) The guide will teach you how to take measurements such as…
– Height-to-Waist Ratio (HWR)
– Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR)
– Waist-to-Shoulder Ratio (WSR)

No… you won’t need a PhD in mathematics. The explanations are simple, clear and concise. It is crucial that you know these ratios in order to sculpt your dream body.
Meeting these ratios will give you a goal to head towards instead of just training and eating blindly. Once you have met the ratios, your body will be fantastic.

3) A gym membership is NOT required. This will be a relief to most women. There will be no need to fork out money or train in front of others. Many women are shy and self-conscious.
The Venus Factor workouts can be done in the privacy of your home. It is just as effective. Your body doesn’t care where you workout.

4) The nutrition plans that come with this program are not restrictive or torturous. You’ll be able to eat what you want in moderation and still shed the pounds. This makes the entire process less stressful.

5) The Venus Factor has a 60 day money back guarantee and excellent customer service that will get back to any inquiries within 24 hours.

6) It’s an online download. Immediate access in minutes without having to wait ages for shipping.

The Bad Points:

1) Immediate access also means that you must have an internet connection to download the product. Of course, once you download the digital PDF, you can always print it out and have a physical product to refer to.

2) If you have serious health problems such as osteoporosis, spinal problems, etc. this program may not be suitable for you. Always speak to your doctor before embarking on any training program.
Should You Get It?
If you’re a woman and trying to lose weight and get in shape, this product has your name written all over it.

It’s the best out there and cannot be recommended more highly. Get it and apply it.
The official site has a page full of testimonials from women who used the Venus Factor to change their bodies and lives. These are real women with genuine results. If it can work for them, it can work for you.

The Venus Factor has the ability to transform your body and make it the kind of body that women want and men desire.

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