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Numerology, a 2,500-year-old science of numbers, was created by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras. Pythagoras believed that when we are born, we enter this world with very specific Vibrations.

These Vibrations have a direct influence on our character and what our life purpose will be. Pythagoras attached a Number to each Vibration, using the Numbers 1 (new beginnings) through 9 (completion).


Each person’s numerological chart is a blueprint of who they really are.

The numbers in your chart describe the essence of you-how you behave in certain situations, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what hurdles you must overcome to achieve happiness, and how you can improve the quality of your life.

If you have a person’s first and last name, and full date of birth, you can discover exactly who they are by using the Pythagorean Number System.

There are three Numbers that come from the name (the Soul Number, the Personality Number, and the Power Name Number), and there are three Numbers that come from the full birth date (the Birth Day Number, the Life Path Number, and the Attitude Number).

Below are the brief definitions of what each number tells you about a person.


Life Path – The most important number in personal Numerology, this is what you need to fulfill in order to be happy. This number is derived from the sum of the digits in a person’s birth date.

Soul Number – This is what you feel inside, and is not necessarily what people see. This number is derived from the numeric value of all the vowels in the name we go by.

Personality Number – The face you show the world. This number is derived from the numeric value of all the consonants added together in the name we go by.

Power Name Number – The most important number in your name, this is the number that shows the strength of your name.

Birth Day Number – The way you appear to people. This is the number of the day on which you were born.

Attitude Number – The first impression people have when talking to you. This number is the sum of the digits in the day and month of your birth date

It is possible to uncover your destiny and life purpose analyzing the information based on numerology. This is a well developed book enriched with the ancient metaphysical science of numbers. Reading this book I learnt about telling fortune with numbers by which I can reveal the blueprint of my life. I recommend this book to have a deep knowledge on numerology and its usage for being success in life.

What you can Do with the Numerology:

  1. Discover the astonishing truth of what life really has in store for you
  2. Live with passion as you rediscover deep down what’s the most important to you in life and the easiest way to get it!
  3. Find your fate by date of birth
  4. Discover the amazing money making secrets of your personality you absolutely must know about the financially worry free and achieve lasting wealth!
  5. Advance your career! Discover the hidden strengths inside you and how to use them for success!
  6. Discover how to create loving, long lasting and rewarding relationships!
  7. Master your emotions instead of being slave to them!
  8. Improve your luck in life! Watch your luck soar high and good things start happening more often once you know your lucky numbers and lucky days!
  9. Overcome difficulties and obstacles!
  10. Identify your strengths and weaknesses!
  11. Determine the best time to get married, change jobs, move, invest and travel!
  12. Discover how to deal with… understand.. and influence your family, friends, lovers, employers, and employees! (and anyone else)!


How To Get Numerology Report?

Well there are thousands of site that five free numerology report. But there are only few sites that give most accurate and detailed numerology report. We shall discuss the numerology site numerologist.com which is the best site as as the accuracy of the numerology reading is concerned. Its there for more than 10 years. The unique feature of this site is you enter your details you get a personalized numerology report instantly! its all free! You don’t have to pay a single penny for the video numerology report.




When I read it first time, I was instantly struck by how incredibly revealing and accurate the explanations were and how they coincide so well with the cycles that I have observed more or less vaguely throughout my life. It clearly helps us remember how manifest it in our life. To connect to our higher self-experience true fulfillment in peace and dissolve the limitations of the ego. It brings meaning and understanding to all of the stress and chaos of our life and explains the real reason “WHY” we are creating our reality the way we are.

 We can easily engage or karmic aspects more easily because we are aligned with the strengths and gifts we previously were unaware of or had fully activated. I especially like Chapter 2 that explains the meaning of the Life Path, life challenges & achievement number everything included Amazing!

This numerology report is a blessing. So spot on and helpful it was the most valuable thing I . You can get the Free Numerology Report Here


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Product Description:

The study of numbers and the way they affect one’s character, wealth opportunities, love life and many other parts of one’s life is extremely interesting. The skeptical person will view numerology as hogwash just like astrology and horoscopes.

The person who delves deeper into these topics will realize that numerology and astrology really do play a role in our lives. In a way, these can be considered as “old science” that slowly became myth due to modernization. Nevertheless the principles still hold true and are just as applicable.
One of the bestselling numerologist sites online is Numerologist.com and it’s run by Mike Madigan. The site provides a variety of personalized numerology reports such as:

* Premium Numerology Report
* Romantic Compatibility Analysis
* Customized Personality Profile
* Life & Success Snapshot
* Complete One-Year Forecast
* The Phone Phenomenon Report
* The Lo Shu Personality Exposer
* The Rabbits Foot, Cricket, Horseshoe, 4 Leaf Clover, Pot of Gold, Good Luck Multiplier System
* Mastering The Matrix
* And much more…
Numerologist.com is probably one of the most detailed numerology websites online with one of the widest variety of services at very affordable prices. It is an online bestseller with thousands of satisfied clients… but what makes it better than other run-of-the-mill numerology sites?

The Good Points:

1) There is a wide variety of reports to choose from. The usual reports that most sites give tend to be generalized and not specific. With Numeralogist.com, you get a detailed report of exactly what you need to know.

If you are concerned about your wealth and prosperity, then all you need to do is get a report for that. You will not need to wade through stuff about your love life, etc.

2) Numerology.com offers you a free report to give you a taste of what you can expect to see in their reports. If you like the free report, which you most probably will – you can order one of their specialized reports.

3) There is a 60-day money back guarantee. If you’re sitting on the fence about this, it’s perfectly understandable because of the sheer number of scam sites out there. With Numerology.com, the risk is all on them since you are covered by an iron clad refund policy.

4) Thousands have purchased the reports and they are pretty accurate to the point it beggars disbelief. That in itself is proof that the guys behind Numerology.com know what they’re talking about.

5) The reports will give you answers to pressing questions that you may have. Once you know how to fix the problems that you’re having, you will be motivated to pursue your goals. These reports give you peace of mind and vigor to follow your dreams.

6) The reports are written in a simple and straightforward manner. There are many sites that offer reports that are so complex and arcane that the layman can’t make head or tail of them. Thankfully, Numerology.com dispenses with the flowery language and gives you a report that you can easily understand.

The Bad Points:

1) There will always be skeptics and religious people who do not believe “in such stuff”. This site is not for them. You must understand and believe in numerology to appreciate how it works.

2) You are going to have to read the reports. There are no audios or videos provided. For those who hate to read, there really is no other choice.

3) The reports come in digital format. You will need to print them out if you want a physical copy.
Should You Get It?

As far as numerology sites go, this site is one of the best. Thousands have tried it and swear by it. The price is affordable and you are spoiled for choice.

The wide variety of reports available means that you can pretty much get a report for whatever part of your life you need to analyze. The reports are so amazingly accurate that you will have to try it to believe it. Go ahead and try the free report and decide from there.

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